a company projected into the future, which employs the most advanced technologies available on the market to perform any type of operation on marble and granite.

It is a young company which, in just 20 years, has developed a new industrial culture, based on ...

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Bovere Graniti performs three-dimensional measurements using portable laser equipment.


Bovere Graniti can boast the most advanced technological stone-working equipment on the market. A strong point that is reflected in the end product: constant standards, precision, intrinsic and aesthetic quality, perfectly calibrated economics, and fast, programmed delivery times.

Bovere Graniti was created with the future in mind: suitable logistic decisions, projected into time, strategies that aim to develop far-reaching basic concepts, without structural limits, with the sole purpose of optimising the way production is organised.

But Bovere Graniti is more than just technology. It is the manual finishing department that best expresses the company's great love for this material, which is treated with meticulous care by true "stone artists", who impart the unique character that only man's handiwork can give to each individual piece.

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The Bovere Graniti company, which has always been on the cutting edge in the use of and search for new technologies, is proud to be the first in Italy to propose a portable three-dimensional measurement system which relies on the precision of laser technology to guarantee the accurate scanning of traditional static equipment.

Thanks to our portable equipment, which is compatible with CAD/CAM systems, we can perform fast, precise measurements wherever we need to. Measurements can be made to a tenth of a millimetre....

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