Solid stone sinks – resin – assembled

Villa Geneva

Floor inlaid with 3400 pieces

Cladding on building in Moscow VTB Arena Park

The Holy Shroud

Minsk Fountain

Villa Bulle

Wood – Plastic – Polystyrene – MDF

Gravellona Toce lakes shopping centre 5000 square metres

Malpensa International airport departures area 6500 square metres of flooring

Swimming pools

Roughing for sculptors

3D laser scanning

Reggia di Venaria Reale

Kitchen countertops

Saint Moritz kitchen worktop

Staircase at Villa Branca Baveno

Flooring in Galleria Vittoria, Novara

Inlaid floors

Egg of Peace

Kiev Monument of Independence

Great Touba Mosque

Mosque at Dianatoul Mahwa

Villa Las Vegas

Azul macaubas bath tub

Bremgarten Fountain