Bovere Graniti e Marmi prides itself on using the most advanced technological stone-working tools on the market today. The result is clearly seen in the final product: consistent standard, fair prices and short, well-planned delivery times.

The raw material, cutting, polishing, bush-hammering, flaming and finishing departments are staffed by highly qualified personnel who have studied in the traditional stone art and stone-working Ossola schools and are then trained in-company to use computer numerical control systems with modern working techniques.

But Bovere is not only technology: in the department where products are finished by hand, true “stone artists” express all their love for marble, with attention paid to the smallest detail to bestow that uniqueness that only man’s hand can give to each single piece.

3D Scanners

Bovere Graniti e Marmi was a trail-blazer also in the field of special types of working: it was the first company in Italy to introduce a portable three dimensional inspection system which – thanks to the precision of the laser – guarantees the scanning accuracy of traditional static tools.

The portable 3D scanner means it is no longer necessary to carry out complex, risky manoeuvres to take apart, transport and measure works of art that have to be reproduced, catalogued or restored.

Compatible with CAD/CAM, the device rapidly and accurately scans wherever you are, inspecting surfaces to the tenth of a millimetre, in 50×50 cm multiples, with a 40 cm maximum depth.

Example of working using a 3D scanner

The details of the model are scanned rapidly and precisely.

This capital measures 550x400x200 mm and to reproduce it all we have to do is inspect half of the façade, which takes only 15 minutes.

The copy can then be manipulated using the CAD/CAM system, for example with the mirror configuration.


1 bridge saw with a 3.5 m diameter blade that cuts up to 150 cm high

1 bridge saw with a 1.80 m diameter bladet

3 automatic GMM bridge saws with a 900 blade

Waterjet cutters for inlaid floors

3 edge polishers

1 numerical control turning machine

1 traditional turning machine

4 contouring CNC milling machines with 4 interpolated axes

1 numerical control combined milling and turning machine with 9 interpolated axes

1 POKER BIDESE diamond wire profiling machine with 4 interpolated axes

1 2-metre high drill press

1 manual arm polisher

1 bench slab polisher

1 slab bush-hammering, flame-finishing line

1 60 cm-wide bush-hammering, flame-finishing line